Due to a mistake importing content from Subversion years ago, I have occasionally run a filter-branch on my repositories. If you have issues doing a pull, you can update your repository to match upstream using the following command. This process is deterministic, and will correctly update any new commits or branches you might have locally to match history.

$ git filter-branch --tag-name-filter cat --msg-filter 'sed -e "s/\\\\!/!/g"' --env-filter 'if [ "$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL" = "saurik@saurk.com" ]; then GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL="saurik@saurik.com"; fi; if [ "$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL" = "saurik@saurk.com" ]; then GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL="saurik@saurik.com"; fi' -- --all

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Project Description Owner Last Change
afc2d.git Apple File Control "2" 9 years ago
anakrino.git Anakrino No commits
apt-legacy.git APT (for Telesphoreo) 5 years ago
apt.git APT (for Cydia) 7 years ago
backport.git Backport 10 years ago
bison.git bison 8 years ago
cycorder.git Cydia Camcorder 15 years ago
cycript.git Cycript 7 years ago
cydget.git Cydget 7 years ago
cydia.git Cydia Installer 5 years ago
cyql.git 8 years ago
fiveicondock.git Five Icon Dock 10 years ago
hfs.git Portable HFS 10 years ago
iphone-api.git Unofficial iPhone Headers 9 years ago
jcylayer.git JCyLayer No commits
ldid.git Link Identity Editor 3 weeks ago
logizomai.git Logizomai 6 years ago
minimal.git Minimal Standard Library 12 years ago
patcyh.git Patcyh 7 years ago
redis.git Redis += OpenLDAP MDB 11 years ago
safemode-ios.git Substrate Safe Mode (iOS) 7 years ago
schoinion.git Schoinion 6 years ago
substrate-doc.git cydiasubstrate.com 3 years ago
timeuuid.git timeuuid for PostgreSQL 10 years ago
uikittools.git UIKit Tools 7 years ago
utf16js.git UTF-16 for JavaScript 11 years ago
veency.git Veency 9 years ago
winterboard.git WinterBoard 8 years ago
wxWidgets.git wxWidgets (Impactor) 7 years ago
Android Open-Source Mirror
android/aapt.git mirror of aapt 11 years ago
Apple Open-Source Mirror
apple/boot.git mirror of boot 17 years ago
apple/bootx.git mirror of BootX 17 years ago
apple/cf.git mirror of CF 9 years ago
apple/configd.git mirror of configd 3 years ago
apple/copyfile.git mirror of copyfile 3 years ago
apple/coreosmakefiles.git mirror of CoreOSMakefiles 8 years ago
apple/dyld.git mirror of dyld 3 years ago
apple/file_cmds.git mirror of file_cmds 3 years ago
apple/hfs.git mirror of hfs 3 years ago
apple/icu.git mirror of ICU 3 years ago
apple/ipsec.git mirror of ipsec 3 years ago
apple/javascriptcore.git mirror of JavaScriptCore 8 years ago
apple/launchd.git mirror of launchd 9 years ago
apple/ld64.git mirror of ld64 5 years ago
apple/libc.git mirror of libc 3 years ago
apple/libdispatch.git mirror of libdispatch 6 years ago
apple/libinfo.git mirror of libinfo 3 years ago
apple/libplatform.git mirror of libplatform 3 years ago
apple/libpthread.git mirror of libpthread 3 years ago
apple/libresolv.git 4 years ago
apple/libsecurity_codesigning.git mirror of libsecurity_codesigning 11 years ago
apple/libsystem.git mirror of libsystem 3 years ago
apple/libutil.git mirror of libutil 7 years ago
apple/mdnsresponder.git mirror of mDNSResponder 3 years ago
apple/network_cmds.git mirror of network_cmds 3 years ago
apple/objc4.git mirror of objc4 3 years ago
apple/security.git mirror of Security 3 years ago
apple/securityd.git mirror of securityd 10 years ago
apple/shell_cmds.git mirror of shell_cmds 3 years ago
apple/syslog.git mirror of syslog 3 years ago
apple/system_cmds.git mirror of system_cmds 3 years ago
apple/xnu.git mirror of XNU 3 years ago