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last changeFri, 22 Jul 2016 22:19:04 +0000 (15:19 -0700)
2016-07-22  Jay Freeman... Add ldrestart for safe restart from app jailbreak. master v1.1.12
2015-10-12  Jay Freeman... Add some newer MGCopyAnswer keys from iOS 8 and 9. v1.1.11
2015-10-12  Jay Freeman... Avoid default cycc behavior of compiling to arm64.
2015-10-12  Jay Freeman... We seem to no longer need the Xcode 4.6 toolchain.
2015-06-27  Jay Freeman... Apple's newer LLVM backends generate garbage code.
2015-06-27  Jay Freeman... Port to Xcode 4.6.3: newer versions of Xcode fail. v1.1.10
2015-06-26  Jay Freeman... Move installd patch to separated "patcyh" package.
2015-06-26  Jay Freeman... Isolate stash directory from codesign validation.
2015-06-26  Jay Freeman... Simplify the build environment (for shared flags).
2015-06-26  Jay Freeman... Port build to cycc (from Telesphoreo/iPhone-API).
2015-06-25  Jay Freeman... On 8.3+, CS_RESTRICT breaks DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES.
2015-06-25  Jay Freeman... On iOS 8.3, allow symbolic links as /Applications.
2014-10-31  Jay Freeman... Do not attempt to fix the iOS 6 bug on iOS 7 or 8. v1.1.9
2014-10-31  Jay Freeman... Do not try the new private app rebuild on iOS <<8.
2014-10-31  Jay Freeman... Merge iOS 8 compatible uicache code from limneos.
2014-10-31  Jay Freeman... Apparently this file was never before commited :/.
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