2017-12-27  Jay Freeman... Require user to store streambufs for UnionFolders. master
2017-12-11  Jay Freeman... Add support for alternate SHA256 code directories.
2017-12-09  Jay Freeman... Update the URL for libplist (sadly, to GitHub :/).
2017-03-12  Jay Freeman... Report progress (in terms of percent and logging).
2017-03-12  Jay Freeman... Avoid duplicate Find when remapped during iterate.
2017-02-13  Jay Freeman... We need Path in DiskFolder subclass to forge flag.
2017-02-12  Jay Freeman... Make Folder::Find const, removing internal Save().
2017-02-06  Jay Freeman... Support separate provisioning for bundled plugins.
2017-01-11  Jay Freeman... Add #include <set> that was semi-missing from hpp.
2017-01-07  Jay Freeman... Avoid blowing up the stack hashing large binaries.
2016-12-22  Jay Freeman... Provide a simple to use implementation of ldid -e.
2016-10-13  Jay Freeman... Simulated memory map doesn't tolerate limit Align.
2016-09-04  Jay Freeman... If team ID is not specified, don't output its NUL.
2016-09-04  Jay Freeman... Verify we do not overflow annoying 0x3000 padding.
2016-08-27  Jay Freeman... Add guarantee that allocations shouldn't overflow.
2016-08-27  Jay Freeman... Fix requirement allocation (covered by 0x3000 :/).
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Only exclude nested files when bundles are nested.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Support iOS applications that embed WatchKit apps.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Drastic improvements to nested support (and Mac!).
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Chop bool Open() into void Open() and bool Look().
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Add support for signing symbolic links (sort of?).
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... DiskFolder still hasn't been tested #if __WIN32__.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Store SHA256 as hash2 in files2 for CodeDirectory.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Support signing DiskFolders with nested resources.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Add -q and -Q to dump and sign "requirement data".
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Apparently, I never pushed this fix to ldid -s :/.
2016-08-26  Jay Freeman... Remove an extraneous variable I did not ever need.
2016-07-31  Jay Freeman... Detect "non-standard" Mach-O binaries to codesign.
2016-07-31  Jay Freeman... Define local functions static to avoid collisions.
2016-07-29  Jay Freeman... Provide a way to maintain file permissions in IPA.
2016-07-29  Jay Freeman... Support renaming files under an ldid::UnionFolder.
2016-07-29  Jay Freeman... Embed team identifier of certificate in signature.
2016-07-29  Jay Freeman... Sign embedded dylibs (that are in top-level .app).
2016-07-28  Jay Freeman... Our list of excluded files/folders was incomplete.
2016-07-28  Jay Freeman... UnionFolder clobbered sub-paths in nested bundles.
2015-11-13  Jay Freeman... If the binary has an embedded Info.plist, sign it.
2015-11-13  Jay Freeman... Make the sha1 interface also work for std::vector.
2015-11-13  Jay Freeman... Remove a number of now-ancient MachHeader helpers.
2015-11-13  Jay Freeman... Allow -K argument to not specify a key (why not?).
2015-11-13  Jay Freeman... Improve alignment (end-of-file and non-FAT files).
2015-11-12  Jay Freeman... Add another hastily and poorly-thought-out #ifdef.
2015-10-18  Jay Freeman... Add -u, which prints the current_version of UIKit.
2015-10-11  Jay Freeman... Some of my build environments litter object files.
2015-10-11  Jay Freeman... Technically, I should have these two header files.
2015-10-11  Jay Freeman... Add hacky flags to turn off more complex features.
2015-10-11  Jay Freeman... Add hacky flag to dis-require hash(), removing -T.
2015-10-10  Jay Freeman... Use internal build of libplist instead of -lplist.
2015-10-10  Jay Freeman... Use Apple's CommonCrypto for SHA-1 when __APPLE__.
2015-10-10  Jay Freeman... Port to Apple's pathetic third-world toolchain :/.
2015-10-10  Jay Freeman... Sort of support signing bundles with entitlements.
2015-10-10  Jay Freeman... UnionFolder (code for Impactor) should be in ldid.
2015-10-10  Jay Freeman... SubFolder should take a reference (not a pointer).
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Add ldid::Bundle to the header file, for Impactor.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Avoid libplist++ (it's slow and slightly awkward).
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Replace Windows stat::st_mode with dirent::d_type.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Windows doesn't use the mode parameter on mkdir().
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Sadly, g++ doesn't let me cast empty initializers.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Avoid dirent::d_namlen (not there on Linux glibc).
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Get access to std::auto_ptr by including <memory>.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Avoid FTS (broken in glibc, not present on Win32).
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Finish implementating application bundle codesign.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Link libplist and switch to their C++ wrapper API.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Use std::string more often, and factor out Commit.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Slightly improve prototypes for Sign and Allocate.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Standardize _syscall as exactly one function call.
2015-09-28  Jay Freeman... Allow more useful error messages in _assert macro.
2015-09-27  Jay Freeman... Move Functor implementation to header for the API.
2015-09-27  Jay Freeman... Rename resign to Sign and put into ldid namespace.
2015-09-27  Jay Freeman... Simplify implementation of temporary reallocation.
2015-09-27  Jay Freeman... Push few filename variables into the deeper scope.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Indirect support for .app signing via new -E flag.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Remove unused constructor in already-long Functor.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Correct incompatible flag checks (support for -s).
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Be more consistent in how size constants are used.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Apply static to most (if not all) local functions.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Use PKCS12 files to compile a real code signature.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Generally prefer data.empty() to data.size() == 0.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Reimplement requirements using newer abstractions.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Move repetitive Blob magic/length logic to insert.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Abstract SuperBlob helper to support requirements.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Port ldid to build inside of Impactor for Windows.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Use an std::string to store the name being signed.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Complete padding of final fat code directory blob.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Avoid special case for removal of code signatures.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Update copyright year. (Wow, ldid is very old ;P.)
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Drop dependency on minimal as we port to Impactor.
2015-09-21  Jay Freeman... Internally stream signed output to std::streambuf.
2015-09-20  Jay Freeman... Extract reallocation/signature to helper function.
2015-08-25  Jay Freeman... Support LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO_64, for 64-bit decrypt.
2015-08-25  Jay Freeman... Merge -r into -S and remove all non-obvious flags.
2015-08-25  Jay Freeman... Avoid using minimal/mapping.h (use internal mmap).
2015-08-24  Jay Freeman... The Archive Identity Editor is a separate project.
2015-08-24  Jay Freeman... Avoid using minimal/string.h (prefer std::string).
2015-08-23  Jay Freeman... Use OpenSSL to implement SHA1 instead of our copy.
2015-08-21  Jay Freeman... Avoid sharing linkedit_data_commands in FAT files.
2015-08-21  Jay Freeman... Separate lookup of LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO from usages.
2015-08-21  Jay Freeman... Add libplist (and libcnary) so to sign Info.plist.
2015-06-29  Jay Freeman... Maintain fat_arch.align when allocating fat files. v1.2.1
2015-06-27  Jay Freeman... Align size of a final embedded Mach-O to 16 bytes. v1.2.0
2015-06-27  Jay Freeman... Align __LINKEDIT segment vmsize to match filesize.