ownergit version control
last changeWed, 6 Nov 2013 23:23:04 +0000 (15:23 -0800)
2013-11-06  Jay Freeman... Add support for protecting against bug #10227498. master v0.9.7
2013-11-03  Jay Freeman... Add support for protecting against bug #10148349. v0.9.6
2013-11-02  Jay Freeman... I accidentally verified the field little-endian. v0.9.5
2013-11-02  Jay Freeman... Give the correct Android bug #9950697 to bug "B". v0.9.4
2013-08-01  Jay Freeman... Add support for what I had previously called bug B. v0.9.3
2013-07-31  Jay Freeman... Remove an extra '9' (silly typo) in "bug #9695860".
2013-07-26  Jay Freeman... Implement a complete fix for Android bug #9695860. v0.9.2
2013-07-21  Jay Freeman... Added an icon (generated by Android Asset Studio). v0.9.1
2013-07-21  Jay Freeman... Generate the AndroidManifest using git revisions.
2013-07-21  Jay Freeman... Throw correct ZipException from ZipFile's method.
2013-07-21  Jay Freeman... Initial version of Backport to go with my article. v0.8
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5 years ago v0.9.3
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5 years ago v0.8
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