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last changeTue, 6 Sep 2016 03:51:38 +0000 (20:51 -0700)
2016-09-06  Jay Freeman... With -p on all platforms, we can't use asprintf(). master
2016-09-06  Jay Freeman... Repair build when JavaScriptCore is not available.
2016-09-03  Jay Freeman... Move Substrate bindings from Cycript to Substrate.
2016-08-28  Jay Freeman... Instance's toPointer() should return as CFTypeRef. v0.9.594
2016-08-27  Jay Freeman... Due to cynject, there is no reason to turn off -p.
2016-08-25  Jay Freeman... CYInjectRemote should also be in #ifdef CY_ATTACH.
2016-08-24  Jay Freeman... MIME type is now required when calling v0.9.593
2016-08-24  Jay Freeman... Unix domain sockets are often walled by sandboxes.
2016-08-24  Jay Freeman... Fix ./make install (cs_mtime and new libcycripts).
2016-08-01  Jay Freeman... Use -Wl,dead_strip to cut a little readline cruft.
2016-08-01  Jay Freeman... Link readline to provide Kevin his 64-bit console.
2016-03-19  Jay Freeman... Support 7a09b83's new boolean argument on startVm.
2016-03-19  Jay Freeman... CYUTF8String cannot have a negative size, even -1.
2016-01-13  Jay Freeman... Use C int promotion rule to work around BOOL cast. v0.9.592
2016-01-13  Jay Freeman... Temporary hack to support older JavaScriptCore :/.
2016-01-13  Jay Freeman... needs to be set as symlink, for zip. v0.9.591
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