2016-07-22  Jay Freeman... Update the copyright year now that 2016 has begun. master v1.2.0
2016-07-22  Jay Freeman... On iOS 9.2+ use "best effort" Substrate extension.
2015-10-24  Jay Freeman... For some reason, lsd crashes on iOS 8.3 with this. v1.1.2
2015-10-24  Jay Freeman... We also must support the original .appex use case. v1.1.1
2015-10-24  Jay Freeman... Narrow scope of crazy NSString hack to canOpenURL.
2015-10-24  Jay Freeman... Remove debug logging accidentally shipped in beta.
2015-10-24  Jay Freeman... Ensure moved applications are found in canOpenURL. v1.1.0
2015-07-11  Jay Freeman... Impactor has the ability to stash individual apps. v1.0.1
2015-06-27  Jay Freeman... Initial version of patcyh, carved from uikittools. v1.0.0