2015-08-11  Akim Demaillegnulib: update master
2015-08-11  Akim Demaillelalr1, yacc: use the default location as initial error...
2015-08-11  Akim Demaillestyle: formatting and comment changes
2015-08-11  Akim Demaillec++: style: use "unsigned", not "unsigned int"
2015-08-11  Akim Demaillec++: style: remove useless "inline" and fix space issues
2015-08-11  Akim Demailletests: beware of additional warnings from GCC 5
2015-08-11  Akim Demailletests: beware that clang warns about "#define private...
2015-08-11  Akim Demailletests: update our Valgrind suppression files
2015-03-03  Akim Demailledoc: improve html and pdf rendering
2015-03-03  Akim Demailledoc: fixes in the C++ part
2015-02-10  Akim Demailletests: be robust to platforms that support UTF-8 even...
2015-02-10  Akim Demailletests: java: avoid recent Java features
2015-01-26  Akim Demailletests: c++: fix symbol lookup issue
2015-01-23  Akim Demaillemaint: post-release administrivia
2015-01-23  Akim Demailleversion 3.0.4 v3.0.4
2015-01-23  Akim Demaillegnulib: update
2015-01-22  Akim Demaillebuild: re-enable compiler warnings, and fix them
2015-01-21  Akim Demailletests: c++: fix a C++03 conformance issue
2015-01-20  Akim Demailletests: fix a title
2015-01-20  Akim Demaillec++: reserve 200 slots in the parser's stack
2015-01-19  Akim Demailletests: be more robust to unrecognized synclines, and...
2015-01-19  Akim Demailletests: fix C++ conformance
2015-01-18  Akim Demaillebuild: fix some warnings
2015-01-16  Akim Demaillebuild: avoid infinite recursions on include_next
2015-01-15  Akim Demailledoc: minor fixes
2015-01-15  Akim Demaillegnulib: strtoul is considered obsolete and now useless
2015-01-15  Akim Demaillec++: avoid warnings when destructors don't use $$
2015-01-15  Akim Demaillemaint: post-release administrivia
2015-01-15  Akim Demailleversion 3.0.3 v3.0.3
2015-01-15  Akim Demaillegnulib: update
2015-01-13  Akim Demailletests: split a large test case into several smaller...
2015-01-12  Akim Demaillepackage: a bit of trouble shooting indications
2015-01-12  Akim Demailledoc: liby's main arms the internationalization
2015-01-09  Akim Demaillebison: avoid warnings from static code analysis
2015-01-09  Akim Demaillec++: fix the use of destructors when variants are enabled
2015-01-08  Akim Demaillestyle: tests: simplify the handling of some C++ tests
2015-01-08  Akim Demaillec++: symbols can be empty, so use it
2015-01-08  Akim Demaillec++: variants: don't leak the lookahead in error recovery
2015-01-08  Akim Demaillec++: provide a means to clear symbols
2015-01-08  Akim Demaillec++: clean up the handling of empty symbols
2015-01-08  Akim Demaillec++: comment and style changes
2015-01-07  Akim Demaillec++: variants: comparing addresses of
2015-01-05  Akim Demaillec++: locations: complete the API and fix comments
2015-01-05  Akim Demaillebuild: do not clean figure sources in make clean
2014-08-29  Akim Demaillebuild: don't try to generate docs when cross-compiling
2015-01-04  Akim Demaillepackage: fix a reporter's name
2015-01-04  Akim Demaille%union: fix the support for named %union
2015-01-04  Akim Demaillepackage: bump to 2015
2014-12-31  Akim Demailleflex: don't trust YY_USER_INIT
2014-12-31  Akim Demailleyacc.c: fix broken union when api.value.type=union...
2014-12-31  Akim Demailledoc: fix missing xref
2014-12-29  Akim Demaillegnulib: update
2014-02-03  Akim Demaillelocation: remove some ugly debugging code traces
2014-02-03  Akim Demaillebuild: use abort to pacify compiler errors
2014-02-03  Akim Demaillepackage: bump to 2014
2014-01-03  Paul Eggertdoc: specify documentation encoding
2013-12-09  Akim Demaillepackage: install the examples
2013-12-09  Akim Demaillepackage: install README and the like in docdir
2013-12-09  Akim Demaillediagnostics: fix the order of multiple declarations...
2013-12-09  Akim Demaillesymbol: provide an easy means to compare them in source...
2013-12-05  Akim Demaillemaint: post-release administrivia
2013-12-05  Akim Demailleversion 3.0.2 v3.0.2
2013-12-05  Akim Demaillegnulib: update
2013-12-04  Akim Demailleoutput: do not generate source files when late errors...
2013-12-04  Akim Demailleoutput: record what generated files are source or repor...
2013-12-04  Akim Demailleoutput: do not generate source files when early errors...
2013-11-26  Akim Demaillexml: also use "%empty" with html output
2013-11-26  Akim Demaillestyle: formatting changes
2013-11-26  Akim Demaillexml: also display %empty for empty right-hand sides
2013-11-26  Akim Demaillereports: display %empty in the generated pointed-rules
2013-11-26  Akim Demaillenews: YYERROR vs variants
2013-11-18  Akim Demaillestyle: scope reduction in
2013-11-15  Akim formatting changes
2013-11-15  Akim fix the support of YYERROR with variants
2013-11-15  Akim Demailletests: check $$'s destruction with variant, YYERROR...
2013-11-14  Akim Demailletests: simplify useless obfuscation
2013-11-14  Akim Demailleskeletons: use better names when computing a "goto"
2013-11-12  Akim Demaillemaint: post-release administrivia
2013-11-12  Akim Demailleversion 3.0.1 v3.0.1
2013-11-12  Akim Demailleaver: it is no longer "protected against NDEBUG"
2013-11-08  Akim Demailleparsers: rename YY_NULL as YY_NULLPTR to avoid conflict...
2013-11-05  Akim Demaillebuild: use Automake 1.14's non-recursive Makefile features
2013-11-05  Akim Demaillebuild: restore maintainer-push-check
2013-10-23  Akim Demaillec++: use __attribute__((__pure__)) to avoid warnings
2013-10-23  Akim Demailleskeletons: update the handling of compiler attributes
2013-10-23  Akim Demaillegnulib: update
2013-10-23  Akim Demaillestyle: use /* ... */ comments
2013-10-23  Akim Demailletests: skip C++ tests that are too demanding for some...
2013-10-22  Akim Demailleinstall: do not install yacc.1 when --disable-yacc
2013-10-22  Akim Demaillestyle: avoid tabs
2013-10-22  Akim Demaillec++: fix generated doxygen comments
2013-10-22  Akim Demaillefix: uniqstr are already pointers
2013-10-21  Paul Eggertbison: pacify Sun C 5.12
2013-10-21  Paul Eggertmaint: git now ignores rpcalc
2013-10-21  Paul Eggertbuild: examples/calc++/calc++ requires flex
2013-10-21  Paul Eggertmaint: mention help2man, texinfo, apt-get
2013-10-21  Paul Eggertmaint: git now ignores .log and .trs files
2013-10-18  Akim Demailletests: fix incorrect object construction
2013-10-16  Akim Demailleglr: allow spaces between "%?" and "{" in predicates
2013-10-16  Akim Demaillediagnostics: "-Werror -Wno-error=foo" must not emit...