2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Don't download "optional" files not in Release :/. master cydia_1.1.29
2017-02-01  Jay Freeman... For ReMap to work, S has to be marked volatile :/. cydia_1.1.28%b10
2017-02-01  Jay Freeman... Tags should use StoreString, not WriteStringInMap.
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... Port TagIterator to correctly support ReMap (doh). cydia_1.1.28%b9
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... Repeat after me: IMS-Hit is really "I am shit" :/.
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... It is NOT OK to just munmap memory from malloc :/. cydia_1.1.28%b8
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Symlinking final file failed is a common issue :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... This is realloc, not reallocf: be more careful :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Bill is consistent. Bill is correct. Be like Bill.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... You can't just assume the start is always zero :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... The length given to msync was calculated wrong :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Not /not/ immediately mapping a file is INSANE :/.
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... The entire concept of PendingError() is flawed :/. cydia_1.1.28%b7
2017-01-27  Jay Freeman... Bug #807012 also involves package dependencies :/. cydia_1.1.28%b6
2016-12-31  Jay Freeman... On IMS-Hit, you can't assume local compression :/. cydia_1.1.28%b5
2016-12-31  Jay Freeman... It is *never* a good idea to throw away stderr :/.
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... It is just so absolutely critical that this works. cydia_1.1.28%b4
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... My "tolerance" patch was a tad bit overzealous :(.
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... You have to do the bounds check before the access.
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... Fix field-without-values appearing at end of file.
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... Of *course* I managed to get this check backwards. cydia_1.1.28%b3
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... In the C locale, let's avoid any crazy transforms. cydia_1.1.28%b2
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... It's just *mean* to complain if they already know.
2016-12-26  Jay Freeman... Wreck validation until we can assess ecosystem :/. cydia_1.1.28%b1
2016-12-26  Jay Freeman... This is 2016 and APT already requires use of mmap.
2016-12-23  Jay Freeman... Only check for valid Date if checking Valid-Until.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... I know this is "bad", but a "full wedge" is worse.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... For speed, you *need* multiple downloads per host.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... The fastest way to get field values is as a range.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... Avoid wedging the entire system if recoverable :/.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... Most interfaces (Maemo) need a high-level name :/.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... Store tags in the cache (they are very useful :/).
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... unlinkat is way way too modern to not autoconf :/.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... __deprecated is already defined by sys/cdefs.h :/.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... arpa/nameser.h, unlike nameser.h, uses NS_ prefix.
2016-11-30  Jay Freeman... std::map from std::initializer_list is "explicit".
2016-11-25  Julian Andres... Release 1.4~beta1 1.4_beta1
2016-11-25  Julian Andres... Add apt-pkg/tagfile-keys.cc to the gitignore file
2016-11-25  Julian Andres... gpgv: Untrust SHA1, RIPE-MD/160, but allow downgrading...
2016-11-25  Paul Wiseshow output as documented for APT::Periodic::Verbose 2
2016-11-24  David Kalnischkiesoptional write aptwebserver log to client specific...
2016-11-18  David Kalnischkiesfollow the googletest merge in build-depends
2016-11-13  David Kalnischkiesget pdiff files from the same mirror as the index
2016-11-22  David Kalnischkiesdocument which keyring formats are supported by apt-key
2016-11-13  David Kalnischkiesadd apt-key support for armored GPG key files (*.asc)
2016-11-12  David Kalnischkiesreport apt-key errors via status-fd messages
2016-11-23  David Kalnischkiesskip unconfigure for unconfigured to-be removed pkgs
2016-11-23  David Kalnischkiesdo not configure unconfigured to be removed packages
2016-11-23  David Kalnischkiesdon't perform implicit crossgrades involving M-A:same
2016-11-23  David Kalnischkiesimprove arch-unqualified dpkg-progress parsing
2016-11-12  David Kalnischkiescorrect cross & disappear progress detection
2016-11-18  David Kalnischkiesreact to trig-pend only if we have nothing else to do
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... Do not use MD5SumValue for Description_md5()
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... debListParser: Micro-optimize AvailableDescriptionLangu...
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... Compare size before data when ordering cache bucket...
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... Optimize VersionHash() to not need temporary copy of...
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... Introduce tolower_ascii_unsafe() and use it for hashing
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... Bump the cache major version for non-backportable changes
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... debListParser: Convert to use pkgTagSection::Key-based...
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... TagSection: Introduce functions for looking up by key ids
2016-11-22  Julian Andres... Merge commit 'e2073b0276226b625897ef475f225bf8f508719e...
2016-11-22  Julian Andres... Squashed 'triehash/' content from commit 16f59e1
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... TagSection: Extract Find() methods taking Pos instead...
2016-09-27  Julian Andres... TagSection: Split AlphaIndexes into AlphaIndexes and...
2016-11-15  Chris LeickGerman translation proof read by Helge Kreutzmann
2016-11-11  David Kalnischkiesunfuzzy various strings in manpage po's
2016-11-11  James Clarkeapt-ftparchive: Support NotAutomatic and ButAutomaticUp...
2016-11-11  David Kalnischkiesshow distribution mismatch for changed codenames
2016-11-11  David Kalnischkiesdon't warn if untransformed distribution matches
2016-11-11  David Kalnischkiesadd hidden config to set packages as Essential/Important
2016-11-11  David Kalnischkieshttp: skip connection cleanup if we close it anyhow
2016-11-11  Edgar Fußhttp: clear content before reporting the failure
2016-11-11  David Kalnischkiesadd TMP/TEMP/TEMPDIR to the TMPDIR DropPrivileges dance
2016-11-10  David Kalnischkiestravis: ignore profiling warning in test diffs
2016-11-10  David Kalnischkiessupport 'apt build-dep .' (aka: without /)
2016-11-10  David Kalnischkiesimprove SOCKS error messages for http slightly
2016-11-09  David Kalnischkiesrename Checksum-FileSize to Filesize in hashsum mismatch
2016-11-09  David Kalnischkiesshow the conflicting distribution warning again
2016-11-09  David Kalnischkiesreset HOME, USER(NAME), TMPDIR & SHELL in DropPrivileges
2016-11-09  Chris Leickfix three typos in sources & manpages
2016-11-09  David Kalnischkiesadd a testcase for support of various build-dependency...
2016-11-09  Johannes Schaueradd support for Build-Depends/Conflicts-Arch
2016-11-09  David Kalnischkiesfix testcase expecting incorrect remove log from dpkg
2016-11-09  Michael VogtDo not (re)start "apt-daily.system"
2016-10-06  David Kalnischkieskeep Release.gpg on untrusted to trusted IMS-Hit
2016-09-10  David Kalnischkiesdon't install new deps of candidates for kept back...
2016-11-02  Frans SpiesschaertDutch manpages translation update
2016-11-02  Frans SpiesschaertDutch program translation update
2016-11-02  James Clarkefix invalid XML in German manpage translation
2016-10-29  Chris LeickUpdated German documentation translation
2016-10-04  Julian Andres... Release 1.3.1 1.3.1
2016-10-02  Julian Andres... travis: Move codecov from after_success to after_script
2016-10-04  Mert DirikTurkish program translation update
2016-09-12  victoryJapanese manpages translation update
2016-10-02  Julian Andres... Do not read stderr from proxy autodetection scripts
2016-09-20  Julian Andres... Release 1.3 1.3
2016-09-18  Julian Andres... VersionHash: Do not skip too long dependency lines
2016-09-11  Julian Andres... travis: Add coverage testing using codecov.io
2016-09-11  Julian Andres... Coverage: Do not print messages from gcov
2016-09-11  Julian Andres... CMake: Add coverage build type