2015-10-31  Jay Freeman... On iOS 9 sometimes they do not bother using names. master v0.9.3919
2015-10-31  Jay Freeman... Pretend to implement this correctly, just for fun.
2015-10-30  Jay Freeman... The WinterBoard binary was removed quite long ago.
2015-10-30  Jay Freeman... Support NSAttributedString for iOS 9 calendar day.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Just in case, simply don't resource theme backupd. v0.9.3918
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Always prioritize "native" scale images, even @1x.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Due to @3x we need more room for the scaled paths.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Move double-theme protection into bundleWithFile:.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Carefully prioritize the available image scalings.
2014-12-02  Jay Freeman... PNG files are themed when loaded, not when found.
2014-11-28  Jay Freeman... Use consistent argument order for WBCacheImage().
2014-11-28  Jay Freeman... Avoid unnecessary SummerBoard stringWithFormat:s.
2014-11-27  Jay Freeman... Don't try to put corrupt PNG files into iconCache.
2014-11-27  Jay Freeman... Remove a line of debug output left in by accident.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Fix GetFileNameForThisAction() mangling on 64-bit. v0.9.3917
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Consistently remap arguments, not individual files.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Also provide folder argument when bundle remapping.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Move [url lastPathComponent] into Fallback wrapper.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Make message about WBImages fit two lines of text.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Provide higher-level button to Restart SpringBoard.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... We need access to IsWild_ outside of SpringBoard.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... If only Apple "groked" compilers, I could use ARC.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Update preferences panel to use new WBImages path. v0.9.3916
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Commit most of the new layout I'd been working on.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Provide more relevant-to-2014 package description.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Remove SummerBoard mode (it is totally horrible).
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Fix irritating crash in SummerBoard (why not? :/).
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Put some more reasonable code in the open crasher.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Support CPBitmapCreateImagesFromPath() name array.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Remove the now ancient standalone
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Use a lower-level hook to theme bundle resources.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Add the new @3x 29x29 and 60x60 icon from Surenix.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Add support for new WinterBoard Settings features.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Reorganize shared asset hooking on *all versions*.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Commit @3x logic (as it is getting in my way :/).
2014-11-25  Jay Freeman... Merge identifier/folder in $pathForFile$inBundle$.
2014-11-25  Jay Freeman... Create /tmp/UIImages right before actually storing.
2014-11-25  Jay Freeman... Use @synchronized() to guard Bundles_ (old crash).
2014-11-25  Jay Freeman... Remove manual ui: instead, check for UIKit bundle.
2014-11-25  Jay Freeman... Split identifier/folder in $pathForFile$inBundle$.
2014-11-25  Jay Freeman... Remove a couple obsolete WBHookSymbols for shared.
2014-09-12  Jay Freeman... Move theme settings cell setup logic to subclass.
2014-01-29  Jay Freeman... Also should clean Optimize and WinterBoardSettings. v0.9.3915
2014-01-29  Jay Freeman... Clear the status bar cache. (Thanks, dallasgroot!)
2014-01-29  Jay Freeman... Use a UIWebDocumentView to get our shared WebView.
2014-01-29  Jay Freeman... SharedMarkup_ is already being set by sharedMarkup.
2014-01-28  Jay Freeman... Fix path of Optimize binary in cycc-built package.
2014-01-13  Jay Freeman... Fix calendar icon style markup state regression.
2014-01-13  Jay Freeman... The old was for Telesphoreo: I hate OS X.
2014-01-13  Jay Freeman... Fix critical/stupid iOS 5 regression in WBMarkup. v0.9.3914
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Add the six controversial cache deletion entries. v0.9.3912 v0.9.3913
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... I feel really bad I didn't fix this app long ago.
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Apparently, Zephyr hooks NSLog?! ...and I crash?!
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Apple screwed up the ImageIO path on newer SDKs.
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... My attempts to fix Dim Icons did not work out :(.
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Here we go again: this time with SBIcon setAlpha.
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Remove a few more default themes I don't support.
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Hide the non-functional Hide WinterBoard option.
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Fork the Preferences entry to get an iOS 7 icon.
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman... Fix BadgeStyle on iOS 7 (NSString withAttributes).
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman... Even if Scale_ is 1, IsWild_ doesn't have to be 0.
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman... This one only took me maybe a half hour to find.
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman... I can't believe I wasted an entire day on this.
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman... UIStringDrawingSuperCrufty must be _legacy_hooked.
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman... For some reason iOS 7 Calendar keeps sizing "23".
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman... Fix iOS 6 calendar labels (half-fixing on iOS 7).
2014-01-10  Jay Freeman... Filter themes with kCFCoreFounderionVersionNumber.
2014-01-10  Jay Freeman... Fix the separation of Docked/Undocked icon labels.
2014-01-09  Jay Freeman... Witness the wonder of UIStringDrawingSuperCrufty.
2014-01-09  Jay Freeman... Bring ARM64 float->CGFloat up towards ARM support.
2014-01-09  Jay Freeman... Do not break SpringBoard's search functionality.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Fix WBMarkup on ARM64 (JSC::intializeThreading).
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Finally commit fix of SpringBoard touch blocking.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Having ported to MSFindSymbol, nlset is obsolete.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Avoid calling through WinterBoard during static.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... I /think/ I should ensure UIImages end with .png.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Apple's cruelty knows no bound: icky iOS 7 icons.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... On iOS 6, WinterBoard /sucked/: I want a do-over.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... On iOS 7, we can't always rely on libhide working.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... CFNotificationCenterAddObserver requires an enum.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... WBStringDrawingState::count_ is unsigned: no -1.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Xcode 5 can't compile @synchronized using -mthumb.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Organize command line arguments more better smart.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... We no longer need to simulate linking newer SDKs.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Fix permissions in Debian package from OS X (ick).
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... In the last couple decades I learned BSD is wrong.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Fix "make package" on case-insensitive filesystem.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... Get WinterBoard compiled on clang (ick) for ARM64.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman... OMFG, this is WinterBoard, /not Substrate/ :/. :(
2013-09-07  Jay Freeman... @thekirbylover fix for @TCcentex Facebook icon bug.
2013-03-02  Jay Freeman... Add the Pre-Depends required for -Zlzma support. v0.9.3911
2013-03-02  Jay Freeman... Avoid iOS-6+WinterBoard+Substrate-400x vnode leak.
2013-03-02  Jay Freeman... Pass -Zlzma to dpkg-deb while building package.
2013-02-17  Jay Freeman... Do NOT allow Optimize Themes to optimize THE WORLD. v0.9.3910
2013-02-15  Jay Freeman... Painfully organize HTML wallpapers below bulletins. v0.9.3909
2013-02-10  Jay Freeman... Fix UISound theming on iOS 6.1 (maybe 6.0?).
2013-02-03  Jay Freeman... Do not kill SpringBoard if we do backboardd. v0.9.3908
2013-02-02  Jay Freeman... Add a Default-568h@2x.png for iPhone 5 support.
2013-02-02  Jay Freeman... Allow theming SystemAppExited from BackBoardServices.
2013-02-02  Jay Freeman... Support theming Settings icons on iOS 6.0+.