2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Query the archive to provide a complete KEYS list. master
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... When closing the MDB DBI, do it in a transaction.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Use the newer mdb_dbi_open instead of mdb_open.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Delete keys from the archive when deleting from DB.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Mark keys unarchived during dbAdd (for move/rename).
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Use more correct file permissions to open MDB files.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Fix key archival configuration from static config.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Add a unit test to verify that key archival works.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Support EXISTS command queries against MDB archive.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... If a key is already archived, it can be deleted.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Further integrate MDB key archival into config.
2012-12-23  Jay Freeman... Archive (do not delete) keys due to memory limits.
2012-12-22  Jay Freeman... Add openldap submodule with a symlink for liblmdb.
2012-12-20  antirezFix overflow in mstime() in redis-cli and benchmark.
2012-12-17  antirezCONTRIBUTING updated with request to add BSD license.
2012-12-17  antirezAdded missing license and copyright in deps/hiredis.
2012-12-12  Patrick TJ... Define _XOPEN_SOURCE appropriately on NetBSD.
2012-12-11  antirezFix config.h endianess detection to work on Linux ...
2012-12-03  antirezRedis 2.6.7
2012-12-03  Brian J. McManusIssue 804 Add Default-Start and Default-Stop LSB tags...
2012-12-03  antirezMemory leak fixed: release client's bpop->keys dictionary.
2012-12-03  antirezTest: fixed osx "leaks" support in test.
2012-12-02  antirezBlocking POP: use a dictionary to store keys clinet...
2012-12-01  antirezTest: regression for issue #801.
2012-12-01  antirezClient should not block multiple times on the same...
2012-11-29  antirezMake an EXEC test more latency proof.
2012-11-28  antirezRedis 2.6.6
2012-11-28  antirezJemalloc updated to version 3.2.0.
2012-11-22  antirezRedis 2.6.5
2012-11-22  antirezEVALSHA is now case insensitive.
2012-11-22  antirezFix integer overflow in zunionInterGenericCommand().
2012-11-17  antirezTest: MULTI state is cleared after EXECABORT error.
2012-11-17  antirezTest: make sure EXEC fails after previous transaction...
2012-11-17  antirezTest: MULTI/EXEC tests moved into multi.tcl.
2012-11-15  antirezSafer handling of MULTI/EXEC on errors.
2012-11-19  antirezChildren creating AOF or RDB files now report memory...
2012-11-19  antirezzmalloc_get_private_dirty() function added (Linux only).
2012-11-14  antirezzmalloc: kill unused __size parameter in update_zmalloc...
2012-11-12  antirezMIGRATE: fix default timeout to 1000 milliseconds.
2012-11-12  antirezMIGRATE timeout should be in milliseconds.
2012-11-12  antirezMIGRATE: fix fd leak due to missing close on error.
2012-11-08  antirezCopyright date fixed in COPYING file.
2012-11-08  antirezRedis 2.6.4
2012-11-08  antirezMake clear that contributing code to the Redis project...
2012-11-08  antirezBSD license added to every C source and header file.
2012-11-06  antirezRedis 2.6.3
2012-10-31  Runzhen Wangfix a typo in redis.h line 595 comment
2012-11-01  antirezMore robust handling of AOF rewrite child.
2012-11-01  Salvatore SanfilippoMerge pull request #743 from Cofyc/fixtypo
2012-11-01  antirezUnix socket clients properly displayed in MONITOR and...
2012-11-01  antirez32 bit build fixed on Linux.
2012-11-01  Yecheng Fufix typo in comments (redis.c, networking.c)
2012-10-24  YAMAMOTO Takashifix a typo in a comment
2012-10-31  antirezInvert two sides of if expression in SET to avoid a...
2012-10-30  antirezNo longer used macro rdbIsOpcode() removed.
2012-10-30  antirezhelp.h update (adds bitop, bitcount, evalsha...)
2012-10-26  antirezRedis 2.6.2
2012-10-26  antirezCtrl+w support in linenoise.
2012-10-26  antirezMarginally more robust glibc version test for sync_file...
2012-10-25  charsyampatch config.h for sync_file_range
2012-10-25  antirezRedis 2.6.1
2012-10-25  antirezFix compilation on Linux kernels or glibc versions...
2012-10-24  antirezUpdate memory peak stats while loading RDB / AOF.
2012-10-22  antirezRedis 2.6.0
2012-10-22  antirezA filed called slave_read_only added in INFO output.
2012-10-03  Greg HurrellFix (cosmetic) typos in dict.h
2012-10-22  Schusterredis-check-dump now understands dumps produced by...
2012-10-22  antirezDefault memory limit for 32bit instanced moved from...
2012-10-22  antirezDifferentiate SCRIPT KILL error replies.
2012-10-10  NanXiaoUpdate src/redis-benchmark.c
2012-10-16  antirezFix MULTI / EXEC rendering in MONITOR output.
2012-10-11  antirezMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.6' into 2.6
2012-10-11  antirezAllow AUTH when Redis is busy because of timedout Lua...
2012-10-06  antirezCONTRIBUTING file updated.
2012-10-05  antirezRedis 2.6.0 RC8 (2.5.14)
2012-10-05  Salvatore SanfilippoMerge pull request #544 from dvirsky/2.6
2012-10-03  antirezHash function switched to murmurhash2.
2012-10-05  antirezWarn when configured maxmemory value seems odd.
2012-10-05  antirezInclude time.h in ae.c as we now use time().
2012-08-30  JokeaForce expire all timer events when system clock skew...
2012-10-04  antirez"Timeout receiving bulk data" error message modified.
2012-10-03  antirez"SORT by nosort" (skip sorting) respect sorted set...
2012-10-01  antirezRevert "Scripting: redis.NIL to return nil bulk replies."
2012-09-28  antirezScripting: add helper functions redis.error_reply(...
2012-09-28  antirezScripting: redis.NIL to return nil bulk replies.
2012-04-07  Erik DubbelboerFixed some spelling errors in the comments
2012-03-30  Erik DubbelboerAdded consts keyword where possible
2012-09-27  antirezFinal merge of Sentinel into 2.6.
2012-09-26  antirezSentinel: Support for AUTH.
2012-09-04  antirezSentinel: reply -IDONTKNOW to get-master-addr-by-name...
2012-09-04  antirezSentinel: more easy master redirection if master is...
2012-08-30  antirezSentinel: do not crash against slaves not publishing...
2012-08-29  antirezSentinel: INFO command implementation.
2012-08-29  antirezSentinel: add Redis execution mode to INFO output.
2012-08-28  antirezSentinel: Sentinel-side support for slave priority.
2012-08-28  antirezSentinel: suppress harmless warning by initializing...
2012-08-24  antirezSentinel: send SCRIPT KILL on -BUSY reply and SDOWN...
2012-08-24  antirezSentinel: fixed a crash on script execution.
2012-08-03  antirezSentinel: SENTINEL FAILOVER command implemented.
2012-08-02  antirezSentinel: client reconfiguration script execution.