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last changeSun, 28 Aug 2016 20:48:52 +0000 (13:48 -0700)
2016-08-28  Jay Freeman... New Cycript versions do not toll-free bridge well. master v0.9.5003
2016-08-28  Jay Freeman... Upper bound on firmware was a "failed experiment".
2015-10-28  Jay Freeman... Support iOS 9.0 (Apple moved handleMenuButtonTap). v0.9.5002
2015-09-12  Jay Freeman... Avoid modifying stylesheets when updating @medias.
2015-07-05  Jay Freeman... Update Depends: firmware to allow installs on 8.4. v0.9.5001
2015-06-28  Jay Freeman... The WebCycript package needs to Breaks old Cydget. v0.9.5000
2015-06-28  Jay Freeman... Make clean and all share the list of files built.
2015-06-27  Jay Freeman... Update Depends: firmware to allow installs on 8.3.
2015-06-01  Jay Freeman... Update copyright date and correct name in license.
2015-06-01  Jay Freeman... Split WebCycript functionality to its own package.
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Fix 64-bit Cycript (32-bit was non-deterministic). v0.9.4013
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Fix permissions (use root) of the packaged files.
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Add a preinst script that stash LockCydget folder.
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Fix PhotoExample for iOS 8.x (slow, but whatever).
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Render exceptions that are thrown by PhotoExample.
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Remove Log() calls that are on irrelevant strings.
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