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2015-10-31  Jay Freeman... On iOS 9 sometimes they do not bother using names. master v0.9.3919
2015-10-31  Jay Freeman... Pretend to implement this correctly, just for fun.
2015-10-30  Jay Freeman... The WinterBoard binary was removed quite long ago.
2015-10-30  Jay Freeman... Support NSAttributedString for iOS 9 calendar day.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Just in case, simply don't resource theme backupd. v0.9.3918
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Always prioritize "native" scale images, even @1x.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Due to @3x we need more room for the scaled paths.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Move double-theme protection into bundleWithFile:.
2014-12-04  Jay Freeman... Carefully prioritize the available image scalings.
2014-12-02  Jay Freeman... PNG files are themed when loaded, not when found.
2014-11-28  Jay Freeman... Use consistent argument order for WBCacheImage().
2014-11-28  Jay Freeman... Avoid unnecessary SummerBoard stringWithFormat:s.
2014-11-27  Jay Freeman... Don't try to put corrupt PNG files into iconCache.
2014-11-27  Jay Freeman... Remove a line of debug output left in by accident.
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Fix GetFileNameForThisAction() mangling on 64-bit. v0.9.3917
2014-11-26  Jay Freeman... Consistently remap arguments, not individual files.
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