2016-09-06  Jay Freeman... With -p on all platforms, we can't use asprintf(). master
2016-09-06  Jay Freeman... Repair build when JavaScriptCore is not available.
2016-09-03  Jay Freeman... Move Substrate bindings from Cycript to Substrate.
2016-08-28  Jay Freeman... Instance's toPointer() should return as CFTypeRef. v0.9.594
2016-08-27  Jay Freeman... Due to cynject, there is no reason to turn off -p.
2016-08-25  Jay Freeman... CYInjectRemote should also be in #ifdef CY_ATTACH.
2016-08-24  Jay Freeman... MIME type is now required when calling v0.9.593
2016-08-24  Jay Freeman... Unix domain sockets are often walled by sandboxes.
2016-08-24  Jay Freeman... Fix ./make install (cs_mtime and new libcycripts).
2016-08-01  Jay Freeman... Use -Wl,dead_strip to cut a little readline cruft.
2016-08-01  Jay Freeman... Link readline to provide Kevin his 64-bit console.
2016-03-19  Jay Freeman... Support 7a09b83's new boolean argument on startVm.
2016-03-19  Jay Freeman... CYUTF8String cannot have a negative size, even -1.
2016-01-13  Jay Freeman... Use C int promotion rule to work around BOOL cast. v0.9.592
2016-01-13  Jay Freeman... Temporary hack to support older JavaScriptCore :/.
2016-01-13  Jay Freeman... needs to be set as symlink, for zip. v0.9.591
2016-01-13  Jay Freeman... Using new on array types returns pointer-to-array.
2016-01-11  Jay Freeman... Guarantee all the older Cydget bridge definitions. v0.9.590
2016-01-11  Jay Freeman... Bridge any toPointer to id as a cast (for Cydget).
2016-01-11  Jay Freeman... Temporarily remove Number.toCYON: way too verbose.
2016-01-11  Jay Freeman... Allow injection as thread in running Java process.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Try to push kJSClassAttributeNoAutomaticPrototype.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Relax (broken) restriction of void typedef/return.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Keep lib*.a out of Cycript.lib for clean zip file.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... CYONify the contents of a JavaMethod override set.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Hold JavaRef<jstring> throughout CYJavaUTF8String.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Include stack trace when printing Java exceptions.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Java doesn't hide base class methods by name only.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Add ?. syntax, for the object query documentation.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Avoid guessing when converting Functor to Pointer.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Support Void::PoolFFI when the value is undefined.
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Correct prototype hierearchy (simple AND elegant).
2016-01-10  Jay Freeman... Fix long-broken Objective-C message ]-completions.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Require strings used as characters to be one byte.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Maintain a logical setup for const on sig::String.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Pointer needs a special case to pull off functors.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Support initializing character array using string.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Move number's typeid set to FromFFI from Type_new.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Maintain type flags in Type subclass Copy() logic.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... JSObjectMakeArray fallback didn't handle length 1.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Allow the size of array typedefs to be a variable.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... We no longer need to support the restrict keyword.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Also use CXType walker to for function prototypes.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Improve support for char values (from JS strings).
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Make Type inherit Functin and build placement new.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Correctly handle "high bytes" in "native" strings.
2016-01-09  Jay Freeman... Casting an array/string pointer shouldn't copy it.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Work around iOS "<redacted>" for Message's toCYON.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... new operator must return JSObject even for errors.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Throw, not print, errors in type signature parser.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Fix jni.h Analysis and include some extra headers.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Use implicit properties on older, broken runtimes.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Fix multi-line template strings, removing ?expand.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Add () to non-properties and complete "real" ones.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Fold messages into the JavaScript prototype chain.
2016-01-08  Jay Freeman... Better document and assert against a pooling case.
2016-01-07  Jay Freeman... Do not add duplicate history entries for up-enter.
2016-01-07  Jay Freeman... "Lazy" Java initialization resets signal handlers.
2016-01-07  Jay Freeman... Avoid naming functors without symbols as just "1".
2016-01-07  Jay Freeman... Protect system, add process.argv and global print.
2016-01-07  Jay Freeman... Do not output an empty comment for an empty stack.
2016-01-07  Jay Freeman... Remove CYJavaValue and (almost) CYPrivate as base.
2016-01-07  Jay Freeman... Remove CYValue<> as it is no longer at all useful.
2016-01-06  Jay Freeman... Use pool.atexit to free Objective-C "list copies".
2016-01-06  Jay Freeman... Lazy load JVM, as it is slow and crashes on iOS 9.
2016-01-06  Jay Freeman... Compile Java support for armv6 where we use JamVM.
2016-01-06  Jay Freeman... Do not use JavaVM, in case it isn't installed yet.
2016-01-06  Jay Freeman... The value from +alloc can be a permanent (NSDate).
2016-01-06  Jay Freeman... Disable "implicit properties" (except for Cydget).
2016-01-05  Jay Freeman... Fix Ruby Block arguments and make them lexicalish.
2016-01-05  Jay Freeman... Do not allow JavaMethod calls on non-Java objects.
2016-01-05  Jay Freeman... Try a new (safer) mechanism to get object private.
2016-01-05  Jay Freeman... Allow a * on a CString to get the first character.
2016-01-05  Jay Freeman... Allow strings to be used as extern or field names.
2016-01-05  Jay Freeman... Do not use corrupt struct to store type reference.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Add a simple implementation of getcwd for node.js.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Embed core libraries for node.js in libcycript.db.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... was there before JniInvocation.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Drop to android-9 platform using -fno-PIE wrapper.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Find JVM with dlopen and register Android natives.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Tighten alignment of FFI return values, correctly.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Unify the build environment for Android and Apple.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Add a ?reparse mode to experiment pretty printing.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Port modules to typedef/extern instead of @encode.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Allow users to tab complete struct and enum names.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Speed up tab completion and hide $cy* identifiers.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Analyze even more headers and added enum typedefs.
2016-01-04  Jay Freeman... Package everything for Android in simple zip file.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Allow C++ tagless type reference, in struct field.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Don't stack overflow on struct pointers in cycles.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Support typedef and @encode with a void specifier.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Do not output class extension syntax for Object{}.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Find code library, even when relative in debugger.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Macros have to support overriding old definitions.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Add support for __int128 (though not with libffi).
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Use libclang to walk CXType for anonymous structs.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Bake more standard header files into the C bridge.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Accept initializers when allocating Type with new.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Use class extension syntax as part of Object CYON.
2016-01-03  Jay Freeman... Add extern "C" expression, for Functor's toCYON().