46 hours ago  Jay Freeman... Objective-C seriously didn't notice my mistake :/. master
2 days ago  Jay Freeman... Remove all broken hardcoded usage of Cache folder.
2 days ago  Jay Freeman... Fix awkward build cycling from using new pngcrush.
2 days ago  Jay Freeman... Swap awkward va_list hack for awkward switch hack.
2 days ago  Jay Freeman... Mostly make Cydia compile using the iOS Simulator.
2 days ago  Jay Freeman... Make Cydia compile "out of the box" on Xcode 10.2.
2 days ago  Jay Freeman... Use awkward make behavior to help build stability.
2018-10-13  Jay Freeman... On new Xcode/macOS, /usr/include no longer exists.
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Remove ultrasn0w repository (as they disappeared).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Ignore .dSYM folders I am suddenly ending up with.
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Fix compilation of cydo (was broken for Extender).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... We no longer depend on apt7-* (but need /etc/apt).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Embed every APT method, for every architecture ;P.
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Fix sysroot (broken due to Apple now using https).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... libapt-pkg needs to be statically linked on armv6.
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Use makefile to build the apt-tag triehash parser.
2018-01-02  Jay Freeman... Update the manage7 icons (mostly due to Extender).
2017-03-11  Jay Freeman... Do not crash if Safari's Info.plist can't be read. v1.1.31
2017-03-11  Jay Freeman... Support compound user-agents using CyteInitialize.
2017-03-11  Jay Freeman... Transfer shared content code to CyteTableViewCell.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... Port FileTable to the CyteKit ListController type.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... Also move ListController title support to CyteKit.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... Split PackageListController partially for CyteKit.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... CyteKit: {retain,release}NetworkActivityIndicator.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... WebDataSource needs to also be in iPhonePrivate.h.
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Try to abstract CydiaURLProtocol as CyteKit class.
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Remove even more global variables (super CyteKit).
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Move most of CydiaObject to CyteKit as CyteObject.
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Remove more of these global value cache variables.
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Remove HostConfig_ (for some finer-grained locks).
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Try removing constructor (this is so annoying :/).
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Fix the System user-agent component (this rotted).
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Add the date to the binary symbol sidestored copy.
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Rename IsReachable to CyteIsReachable, in CyteKit.
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Move cyte diversions and user agents into CyteKit.
2017-03-05  Jay Freeman... Move some code of Window/TabBarController to Cyte.
2017-03-04  Jay Freeman... Move CyteKit/RegEx.hpp #include to
2017-03-04  Jay Freeman... Trial move some key global variables into CyteKit.
2017-02-16  Jay Freeman... Avoid counting a package as "lost" multiple times.
2017-02-16  Jay Freeman... Move a bunch of clearly shared logic into CyteKit.
2017-02-16  Jay Freeman... Put CydiaURLCache/NSURLConnection hook in CyteKit.
2017-02-16  Jay Freeman... Cydia no longer needs its own Substrate Safe Mode.
2017-02-16  Jay Freeman... cydia.addPipelinedHost was never actually used :D.
2017-02-16  Jay Freeman... CyteKit/ has to have its @interface.
2017-02-16  Jay Freeman... This new code only works if the button is loading. v1.1.30
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Avoid downloading translation files that will 404. v1.1.29
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Do not rely on specific filenames in source cells.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Make an executive decision to not support regions.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Avoid sorting packages_ (it is now Foundation :/).
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Amortize linear probing with a binary search sort.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Cache sorts (really really important for Chinese).
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Move some of our clearly shared code into CyteKit.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Move private ivars in CyteKit to @implementations.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... This loaded_ hack is hopefully no longer required.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Hide custom function_ as an implementation detail.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Use setPageColor instead of messing with scroller.
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Move more of sysroot's sadness into iPhonePrivate.
2017-02-04  Jay Freeman... On 64-bit some of these floats are really CGFloat. v1.1.28
2017-02-03  Jay Freeman... Do not finish:restart if MoveStash did nothing :/.
2017-02-03  Jay Freeman... This check was obviously backwards (OMG I'm dumb). v1.1.28%b14
2017-02-02  Jay Freeman... Users do not actually have stat (which is stupid). v1.1.28%b12 v1.1.28%b13
2017-02-02  Jay Freeman... The default permission from mktemp is only 600 :/. v1.1.28%b11
2017-02-02  Jay Freeman... has no assumed "current" directory :/.
2017-02-01  Jay Freeman... Slim result of NewTag and correct cache iterators. v1.1.28%b10
2017-02-01  Jay Freeman... For progress JS on iOS 10 to solve race and flash.
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... Fix a crash in NewTag and remove "I am shit" flag. v1.1.28%b9
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... Finally found the crazy APT memory corruption bug. v1.1.28%b8
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Do not pass -Wl,-segalign,4000 to the arm64 build.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... iOS 10.2 claims "Not privileged to stop service.".
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Removing a repository was just kind of locking up.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Let's try to avoid making Guillem Jover sad today.
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... If Cytore failed to save the first block, restart. v1.1.28%b7
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... Don't strip the binary when releasing beta builds.
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... Rewrite error handling in APT to make it saner :/.
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... If Cytore fails to allocate an empty file, unlink.
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... Cytore values need to be _packed (I got lucky :D).
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... Try to protect against reentrant bugs. v1.1.28%b6
2017-01-27  Jay Freeman... Fix case-insensitive lookup of package Depends :/.
2017-01-27  Jay Freeman... APT incorrectly overlaps http and https origin :/.
2016-12-31  Jay Freeman... strip was enough for Cydia, and this broke bins/*.
2016-12-31  Jay Freeman... Fix APT issue where IMS-Hit leads to a full wedge. v1.1.28%b5
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... Provide more guarantees against merge catastrophe. v1.1.28%b4
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... Further work to improve language configuration :/. v1.1.28%b3
2016-12-30  Jay Freeman... Apparently, setlocale never actually did anything. v1.1.28%b2
2016-12-29  Jay Freeman... Seriously: not a single person actually helped :/. v1.1.28%b1
2016-12-28  Jay Freeman... Compile Cydia to arm64 by linking with APT 1.4~b1.
2016-12-27  Jay Freeman... Move to CoreTelephony's _CTServerConnectionCreate.
2016-12-26  Jay Freeman... longSection shouldn't try localizing NULL section.
2016-12-26  Jay Freeman... Fix LogBrowser logic (as it was only for testing).
2016-11-19  Jay Freeman... Fix a typo: verify the objects found, not the set.
2016-11-01  Jay Freeman... Avoid system headers to compile using macOS 10.12.
2016-03-08  Jay Freeman... Verify using device and inode (not file realpath). v1.1.27
2015-10-21  Jay Freeman... Narrow window during which uicache race can occur. v1.1.26
2015-10-21  Jay Freeman... Let's just stash /Applications (Pangu said "yes"). v1.1.25
2015-10-12  Jay Freeman... Do not stash /Applications (extra fatal on iOS 9). v1.1.24
2015-10-12  Jay Freeman... The mobile extended_states could be marked setuid.
2015-09-24  Jay Freeman... Support listing installed applications on old iOS.
2015-09-24  Jay Freeman... Remove cydo debugging code (it is exploitable :/).
2015-07-12  Jay Freeman... Allow user to select a specific candidate version. v1.1.23
2015-07-12  Jay Freeman... Automatically repair a missing Cydia cache folder.