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last changeWed, 15 Feb 2017 23:17:52 +0000 (15:17 -0800)
2017-02-15  Jay Freeman... Don't download "optional" files not in Release :/. master cydia_1.1.29
2017-02-01  Jay Freeman... For ReMap to work, S has to be marked volatile :/. cydia_1.1.28%b10
2017-02-01  Jay Freeman... Tags should use StoreString, not WriteStringInMap.
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... Port TagIterator to correctly support ReMap (doh). cydia_1.1.28%b9
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... Repeat after me: IMS-Hit is really "I am shit" :/.
2017-01-31  Jay Freeman... It is NOT OK to just munmap memory from malloc :/. cydia_1.1.28%b8
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Symlinking final file failed is a common issue :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... This is realloc, not reallocf: be more careful :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Bill is consistent. Bill is correct. Be like Bill.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... You can't just assume the start is always zero :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... The length given to msync was calculated wrong :/.
2017-01-30  Jay Freeman... Not /not/ immediately mapping a file is INSANE :/.
2017-01-29  Jay Freeman... The entire concept of PendingError() is flawed :/. cydia_1.1.28%b7
2017-01-27  Jay Freeman... Bug #807012 also involves package dependencies :/. cydia_1.1.28%b6
2016-12-31  Jay Freeman... On IMS-Hit, you can't assume local compression :/. cydia_1.1.28%b5
2016-12-31  Jay Freeman... It is *never* a good idea to throw away stderr :/.
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