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last changeSat, 23 Jul 2016 10:38:02 +0000 (03:38 -0700)
2016-07-23  Jay Freeman... wxMessageBox off the main thread lost result code. master
2015-07-07  Jay Freeman... Somehow, setting a tint color makes gauge work :/.
2015-07-07  Jay Freeman... The rounded corners look really dumb at this size.
2015-07-07  Jay Freeman... The UIProgressView is somehow not doing layout :(.
2015-07-06  Jay Freeman... Allow more than one line in a wxStaticText on iOS.
2015-07-06  Jay Freeman... Implement setFont on the iOS port of wxStaticText.
2014-02-26  Jay Freeman... OSX_ARCH_OPTS also needs to be added to CPPFLAGS.
2013-10-04  Jay Freeman... Remove invalid attempts to detect 64-bit MinGW.
2013-10-04  Jay Freeman... Fix configure check for gcc atomics on 32-bit x86.
2013-10-04  Jay Freeman... Increase the number of visible OS X combo items.
2013-10-04  Jay Freeman... Hack compilation using the latest MinGW release.
2013-10-04  Jay Freeman... Fix a very annoying autorelease pool memory leak.
2013-10-04  Jay Freeman... Expose the Apple menu so it can be setup manually.
2013-10-04  Julian SmartCorrected border drawing to avoid clipping
2013-10-04  Julian SmartwxRTC table layout now uses cell content to calculate...
2013-10-03  Julian SmartInclude wxWANTS_CHARS style unless wxTE_READONLY is...
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