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last changeSun, 14 Dec 2014 12:16:53 +0000 (04:16 -0800)
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... This is so far the best tradeoff for no passwords. master v0.9.3500
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Use NSLog() instead of fprintf(stderr) for _trace.
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman... Add some debug logic to get the internal RFB logs.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Update copyright year (apparently, I missed 2013).
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Only allow layer 0 to be used as main framebuffer.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Use BOOL type in IOMobileFramebufferIsMainDisplay.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Correct locking and Surface{Unl,L}ock prototypes.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Refix SurfaceAcceleratorTransferSurface prototype.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Unaccelerated video should not try to use buffer_.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Better organize internal VNCClient setup details.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Factor out implementation of condition_ signaling.
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Call CFPreferencesAppSynchronize (for iOS << 8.0).
2014-11-10  Jay Freeman... Use @synchronized instead of manual [lock/unlock].
2014-11-09  Jay Freeman... Merge latest upstream master libvncserver version.
2014-11-09  Jay Freeman... Use armv7 to switch from CoreSurface to IOSurface.
2014-11-09  Jay Freeman... Port settings to CFPreferences{Get,Copy}App*Value.
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