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last changeSat, 13 Oct 2018 22:13:37 +0000 (15:13 -0700)
2018-10-13  Jay Freeman... On new Xcode/macOS, /usr/include no longer exists. master
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Remove ultrasn0w repository (as they disappeared).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Ignore .dSYM folders I am suddenly ending up with.
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Fix compilation of cydo (was broken for Extender).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... We no longer depend on apt7-* (but need /etc/apt).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Embed every APT method, for every architecture ;P.
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Fix sysroot (broken due to Apple now using https).
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... libapt-pkg needs to be statically linked on armv6.
2018-08-13  Jay Freeman... Use makefile to build the apt-tag triehash parser.
2018-01-02  Jay Freeman... Update the manage7 icons (mostly due to Extender).
2017-03-11  Jay Freeman... Do not crash if Safari's Info.plist can't be read. v1.1.31
2017-03-11  Jay Freeman... Support compound user-agents using CyteInitialize.
2017-03-11  Jay Freeman... Transfer shared content code to CyteTableViewCell.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... Port FileTable to the CyteKit ListController type.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... Also move ListController title support to CyteKit.
2017-03-07  Jay Freeman... Split PackageListController partially for CyteKit.
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