Fix various mouse cursor position issues.
[veency.git] / control
2010-03-28  Jay Freeman (saurik)Fix various mouse cursor position issues.
2010-03-27  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added support for Ashikase MouseSupport. v0.9.3143
2009-08-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Stupid/silly statusbar bug. v0.9.3023
2009-08-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Welcome to Settings, Veency! v0.9.3022
2009-07-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Refactored Veency so ashikase can use the tiny stub. v0.9.2972
2009-07-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Ported back to 2.x.
2009-07-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Ported Veency to 3.x.
2009-07-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Checkpointing old code.
2008-09-19  Jay Freeman (saurik)Moved source code of Veency to more obvious location. v0.9.2591
2008-09-17  Jay Freeman (saurik)New MobileSubstrate (awesome).
2008-09-16  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added syslogd pseudo-tweak.