Add support for new WinterBoard Settings features.
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2014-11-26  Jay Freeman (saurik)Add support for new WinterBoard Settings features. master
2014-01-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Here we go again: this time with SBIcon setAlpha.
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman (saurik)This one only took me maybe a half hour to find.
2014-01-11  Jay Freeman (saurik)I can't believe I wasted an entire day on this.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman (saurik)-[UIWindow setLevel:(float)] should use CGFloat.
2014-01-08  Jay Freeman (saurik)Some changes to compile WinterBoard with clang++.
2012-05-07  Jay Freeman (saurik)Commit these numerous sequestered UIKit updates.
2009-01-20  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added UISystemFont*.
2009-01-02  Jay Freeman (saurik)Unlocked some more APIs.
2008-10-01  Jay Freeman (saurik)kUIButtonBarButtonAction*, UIAppl, UIProgressIndicatorS...
2008-09-25  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added lots more features and support.
2008-09-18  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added UIModalView support.
2008-09-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Supporting the latest builds of Cycorder.
2008-09-04  Jay Freeman (saurik)Adding numerous class dumps.