New Cycript versions do not toll-free bridge well.
[cydget.git] / PhotoExample.cydget /
2016-08-28  Jay Freeman (saurik)New Cycript versions do not toll-free bridge well. master v0.9.5003
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman (saurik)Fix PhotoExample for iOS 8.x (slow, but whatever).
2014-12-14  Jay Freeman (saurik)Render exceptions that are thrown by PhotoExample.
2014-01-25  Jay Freeman (saurik)Remove the quotation marks around NO for "easier". v0.9.4009
2014-01-24  Jay Freeman (saurik)Continue to use Homepage in PhotoExample example.
2014-01-24  Jay Freeman (saurik)Allow relative URLs to be used in CYConfiguration.
2014-01-18  Jay Freeman (saurik)Port Cydget to iOS 7, ARM64, Xcode 5, and cycc :/. v0.9.4008
2013-03-22  Jay Freeman (saurik)Update PhotoExample image max-height for iPhone 5.
2012-03-07  Jay Freeman (saurik)Filter PLManagedAlbumLists when they appear in object...
2012-02-29  Jay Freeman (saurik)Port PhotoExample to iOS 5.0 (almost).
2011-03-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Use new LCD bar background on iPad.
2011-03-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Support iPad-oriented PhotoExample sizing.
2011-03-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Support iPad-oriented LCD bars.
2011-03-29  Jay Freeman (saurik)Remove HTML overlay garbage.
2011-03-29  Jay Freeman (saurik)Remove PhotoExample debugging garbage.
2011-03-28  Jay Freeman (saurik)Port Cydget to UIWebView.
2010-10-26  Jay Freeman (saurik)OMG this finally works.
2010-10-25  Jay Freeman (saurik)Update PhotoLibrary for 4.x.
2009-11-20  Jay Freeman (saurik)Various performance improvements thanks to the new...
2009-11-19  Jay Freeman (saurik)I forgot to commit the weekend's testing release.
2009-11-09  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added a PhotoExample.cydget and renamed Cycript= to...