New Cycript versions do not toll-free bridge well.
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2015-10-28  Jay Freeman (saurik)Support iOS 9.0 (Apple moved handleMenuButtonTap). v0.9.5002
2015-06-01  Jay Freeman (saurik)Update copyright date and correct name in license.
2014-02-18  Jay Freeman (saurik)Despite using SleepToLock, I hate SleepToLock :(. v0.9.4011
2014-02-18  Jay Freeman (saurik)Only do the Cydget setup once (this is important).
2014-02-18  Jay Freeman (saurik)Add RememberPosition setting (by popular demand).
2014-02-04  Jay Freeman (saurik)Correct for MediaControls-caused touch event hole.
2014-01-24  Jay Freeman (saurik)Add a setting to force Now Playing to the front.
2014-01-24  Jay Freeman (saurik)Just in case, cancel menu action when menu is held.
2014-01-24  Jay Freeman (saurik)Allow the user to exit Siri (this is a kludge).
2014-01-24  Jay Freeman (saurik)Re-implement iOS 6 media controls toggle on iOS 7.
2014-01-24  Jay Freeman (saurik)Allow relative URLs to be used in CYConfiguration.
2014-01-18  Jay Freeman (saurik)Port Cydget to iOS 7, ARM64, Xcode 5, and cycc :/. v0.9.4008