Fix headset button check, as reported by mringwal.
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2012-08-22  Jay Freeman (saurik)Fix headset button check, as reported by mringwal.
2012-06-02  Jay Freeman (saurik)Correct mistake in the iPad3 coordinate transform.
2012-06-02  Jay Freeman (saurik)Upgrade Veency to support the current MSHookSymbol.
2011-10-13  Jay Freeman (saurik)Apparently, libstatusbar emulated the wrong thing.... v0.9.3378
2011-10-07  Jay Freeman (saurik)OMFG, bool alignment BAD. v0.9.3377
2011-10-04  Jay Freeman (saurik)Upgrade for iOS 5 GSEvent.
2011-10-02  Jay Freeman (saurik)Solve issues determining client window on retina displays. v0.9.3375
2011-09-11  Jay Freeman (saurik)Fix iPad2,x coordinate transform bug. v0.9.3374
2011-08-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Remove hard-coded 'accelerated' detection bypass: fix...
2010-09-22  Jay Freeman (saurik)Fix Veency for iPhone 4 and iPods. v0.9.3345
2010-08-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Add support for i4 high-res.
2010-06-14  Jay Freeman (saurik)I am really starting to hate Apple's IOMobileCrap. v0.9.3197
2010-05-26  Jay Freeman (saurik)Don't leak the NSThread. v0.9.3193
2010-05-26  Jay Freeman (saurik)Solve compatibility issue with HP LaserJet 2605dn printers.
2010-05-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Got an updated usage for iPad keyboard from matthias. v0.9.3189
2010-04-29  Jay Freeman (saurik)Somewhat got the iPad keyboard working. v0.9.3167
2010-04-09  Jay Freeman (saurik)Fix a coordinate system issue on the iPad. v0.9.3165
2010-04-08  Jay Freeman (saurik)Veency HD. v0.9.3164
2010-03-28  Jay Freeman (saurik)Remove the VNC cursor entirely, overwrite the upper... v0.9.3146
2010-03-28  Jay Freeman (saurik)Dynamically detect width/height, allocate black_ from... v0.9.3145
2010-03-28  Jay Freeman (saurik)Fix various mouse cursor position issues.
2010-03-27  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added support for Ashikase MouseSupport. v0.9.3143
2009-08-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Stupid/silly statusbar bug. v0.9.3023
2009-08-30  Jay Freeman (saurik)Welcome to Settings, Veency! v0.9.3022
2009-07-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Ported back to 2.x.
2009-07-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Ported Veency to 3.x.
2009-07-12  Jay Freeman (saurik)Checkpointing old code.
2008-09-19  Jay Freeman (saurik)Moved source code of Veency to more obvious location. v0.9.2591
2008-09-16  Jay Freeman (saurik)Added syslogd pseudo-tweak.